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to limit the pressure in the system, good for continuous duty and accurate pressure control with constant or varying flows.

the adjustable spring-loaded ball in the pilot section is shifted at valve setting by pressure sensed through an orifice in the main spool from port 1. the resulting pilot flow creates a pressure drop across the spring-loaded main spool that then opens allowing relief flow to port 2. reverse flow, port 2 to port 1, is blocked. back pressure on port 2 adds to the valve setting.

rated flow: 200 l/min. max. pressure: 420 bar

working temperature:

min -20 degree celsius, max 90 degree celsius, with standard bunan gaskets

min -20 degree celsius, max 120 degree celsius, with optional viton gaskets

fluid: best use mineral oil with viscosity ranging between 10 and 200 cst

filter: 25 micron or better

cavities: see cavity data 12-02

installation: before screwing the cartridge on the valve body, ascertain to provide suitable gasket lubrication with clean oil and also be sure to screw manually in to reach against the gaskets in the valve body.