pilot check valve>ipc-捕鱼平台游戏

pilot check valves allow flow to pass in one direction, with a low pressure drop, then prevent reverse flow until pilot pressure is applied. 

there are many applications for this valve type, the most common being to lock and hold a cylinder, or another hydraulic actuator, in position. 

the ipc-10 is a small cartridge valve and is ideally suited for fitting directly into a cylinder, giving economy of installation, direct control of movement.

the oil flow is permitted from port 2 to port 3 and stopped in the opposite direction. 

a free oil flow from port 3 to port 2 is strictly possible when the pilot pressure in port 1 is enough to release the valve poppet. 

the minimum release pressure can be figured by diving pressure valve in port 1 by the pilot ratio. 

to assure best valve performance from port 3 to port 2, make sure that no counter pressure arises in port 2.

rated flow :

30 l/min 

max. pressure :

350 bar

leakage :

0.3 ml/min (5 dpm)

working temperature :

min. -20鈩?, max. 90鈩?, with standard bunan gaskets

min. -20鈩?, max. 120鈩?, with optional viton gaskets on request

fluid :

best use mineral oil with viscosity ranging between 10 and 200 cst

filter :

25 micron or better

cavities :

see cavity data 10-03

installation :

before screwing the cartridge on the valve body, ascertain to provide suitable gasket lubrication with clean oil and also be sure to screw the cartridge manually in to reach against the gaskets in the valve body.